Wood Chips and Mulch Delivered Free

On Time Tree Lopping can also turn those unwanted but valuable trees, branches and shrub piles into useful recycled wood chip mulch for your garden or landscaping project needs.

You can take advantage of this great resource. We have Free unused Wood Chip Mulch Delivered to you when we have a Job in your Area. Register your interest today on our contact form.

Benefits of Mulch and Wood Chips

Mulch will help you prevent loss of water from your soil and garden. This will Reduce the need for watering, and will help during summer to keep your plants healthy. Also mulch can help improve the soil structure. It also reduces the amount of weeds produced. Less time spent working in the garden and more time enjoying it.

In addition to encouraging worms & other microorganisms. Which can also help improve the soil and the health of your plants by increasing nutrients released into the ground.