We Have Cherry Pickers for Hire

Do you need to hire a cherry picker for your project? We can provide you with a great value for money cherry picker service throughout Newcastle, Sydney and the Central Coast areas of NSW.

Cherry pickers (which can be also referred to as boom lifts) can be used for several different types of projects and industries. Including Business, Municipal and Residential work.

This also includes electrical work where trees are overhanging power lines and cables to light decorations, construction, cleaning, and building maintenance.

Our Cherry Pickers Will Get the Job Done

Originally designed to be used in orchards for fruit picking, this versatile piece of equipment is as likely to be seen being used for lopping a tree from a telegraph pole as it is for taking cherries off trees.

A cherry picker is important to use for any task which is at height. Safety is paramount when carrying out jobs above ground level and a cherry picker means that the person carrying out the job can do so in safety and security.

Making Your Job Easy

On any given day, a cherry picker could be being used to assist with any number of important jobs.

  • Removal of Dangerous / Hazardous trees overhanging power lines and cables
  • Hard Access Areas, Rope Climbing for Working in difficult and hard to get locations
  • Safety Equipment, signs, barrier tapes, cones, safety officers
  • Xmas Lights, Decorations Signs, Banners erected and hanged for many occasions
  • Full Liability Insurance Coverage for all jobs